ICA Integrated Computer Studies

Daily assignments for Integrated Computer Studies with Mr. Woods Periods 3, 5 and 6.

Thursday, May 27

Period 3

Guest Speaker Michael Semmen of ScreamPoint

Meet in Room 403

Wednesday, May 26

Period 5 and 6

Project evaluation:

Today you will select 2 of your favorite projects to evaluate. Go through your folder on the Student R Drive and print out your favorite projects.

Write a thoughtful, well-constructed paragraph that answers the questions on the Evaluation Handout form.

Thursday, May 20

Period 3

Work on health project.

Tuesday, May 18

Period 3

All China projects are due today at the end of class.
Also today is the last day to turn in your make up work from earlier in this quarter.

Monday, May 17

Period 5 and 6

Continue working on your China Projects.

China Projects are Due Wednesday May 19th at the end of class. Your project must be saved in on the Student R drive---->Woods 5th (or Woods 6th) folder.

Wednesday is also the last day to turn in any makeup work. No make up work will be accepted after class May 19th.